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Established in 1909, the course was officially opened on Saturday 17th April with a match between James Braid, the course designer, and Harry Vardon, with Braid the winner 3 and 2.

Based high up on the very edge of White Cliffs Country between Dover and Deal, Braid designed the course around the natural landscape and made sure it was rich with panoramic views and an abundance of plant and wildlife.

The original idea of the golf club was to encourage more families and ladies to take up golf; ladies are much better represented in the sport now and we are still proud to welcome youngsters and families into a very friendly and community-feeling club.

The natural beauty was marred considerably with important reason, during World War Two, with all three military services putting the club to good use; the clubhouse became a billet for 60 soldiers, the course was covered in barbed wire and gun emplacements and with a barrage balloon looming overhead, not the sort of hazards you really want to meet on a round of golf!

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