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Gareth Bailey PGA - Assistant Professional

Tel 01304 363017

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Gareth Bailey is our assistant Golf Professional at Walmer & Kingsdown Golf Club. He previously worked at Princes Golf Club for seven years and then ran his own Mobile Golf Teaching Business for eight years. He has plenty of experience to offer our club and prides himself on being professional, punctual and welcoming.

Gareth played a wide range of sports when growing up and so didn’t get into golf seriously until his mid to late teen’s. He turned Pro in 2000 and qualified in 2004 with a Merit. In this time he played the regional PGA circuit and as much as he loved playing at a professional level his passion is in teaching. When starting his teaching business the goal was to promote golf in his local area from the grass roots up. He has taught at over thirty schools with a large percentage of the pupils he has taught have ended up joining golf clubs. Gareth also specialises in computer analysis and has had great success in improving pupils swings by showing them frame by frame where they can improve.

Gareth has taught all ages and levels from Professional to Beginner, he is available for lessons most days and his prices start from twenty pounds with his latest offer of three lessons for fifty pounds. Remember spring is a great time to get your game in shape ready for the season ahead.

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